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Reliably and efficiently leverages cloud providers’ excess capacity for production and mission critical applications.

Elastigroup is a software that provides reliable and efficient implementation for leveraging leading Cloud Providers’ excess compute capacity.

Blended Clusters

Elastigroup intelligently facilitates the balance between On-Demand, Reserve and Spot Instances in conjunction with making the right decisions to achieve the proper balance between Cost and Performance.

Cloud Agnostic

Elastigroup provides high availability in the Amazon Spot Market, Google Preemptible VMs and Packet Bare Metal Servers.

Highly Scalable

Elastigroup can also automatically increase the number of instances during demand spikes to maintain performance and decrease capacity during lulls to reduce costs. Elastigroup is well suited both to applications that have stable demand patterns or that experience hourly, daily, or weekly variability in usage.

Forecast engine

Elastigroup delivers cloud efficiencies never before achieved by using predictive analytics technology to identify and drain Spot Instances that are about to be “interrupted” by AWS. Prior to termination, Elastigroup automatically and transparently transitions applications to the least expensive“available” Spot Instance(s) with absolutely no downtime regardless of application type or demand requirements.

Always Available

As a safety net, Elastigroup is designed to fallback to either On-Demand or Reserved Instances in the relatively rare scenario when the required number of Spot Instances are not available. Elastigroup provides the necessary time for the graceful termination of the soon to be interrupted Spot Instance and transitions to a new available Spot Instance with no negative impact to applications or end-user experiences.

Dramatic Cost Savings

Elastigroup elegantly addresses cloud cost and management challenges with the reliable and efficient use of AWS’ Spot Market resources to reduce EC2 costs by 60% - 80% compared to On-Demand Instance pricing while still delivering 100% availability.

Can be deployed via

AWS CloudFormation
API Libraries

Elastigroup for Auto Scaling Groups

The Elastigroup autoscaling engine automatically create and maintain blended clusters composed from primarily EC2 Spot, on-demand and reserved instances. In order to optimize the clusters, Elastigruop automatically balances between the three price models, and as part of that, maintains and manages the Spot instance purchasing operations and interruptions. This includes setting the bid and selecting the instance and Availability Zone. These are based on multiple parameters including available capacity, potential savings and user preferences.

Unprecedented Auto Scaling Technology

Fully leveraging the cloud’s excess capacity power with an elegant, reliable and zero impact approach to handle spot instances interruption.

Cloud/Crowd Sourcing Technology

Spotinst is getting smarter the more people are using its algorithms it makes it more predictable for Spotinst to bid in the Spot market and generate maximum availability and minimum cost.

Dramatic Cost Reduction

Maximum utilization of Spot Instances to reduce costs to the bear minimum.


Scale-in unneeded instances automatically and save money when demand subsides.


Scale-out seamlessly and automatically when demand increases.

Life Cycle Notifications

Get notified by SNS/Email notifications when Elastigroup completes an action.

Dynamic Scale

Dynamically scale based on Amazon CloudWatch, custom metrics, or predictably according to a schedule that you define.

Health Check

Advanced Health Check capabilities to protect from unhealthy or unreachable instances.

Elastigroup for Containers

Elastigroup is designed from ground up to solve the endless tetris game of heterogeneous compute environments, running containers. Elastigroup finds the optimal distribution and deployment of multiple instance types into a one, single, powerful cluster as part of a container orchestration platform.

  • Dramatic Cost Reduction

    Cut 60 - 80% of the compute costs

  • Dynamic Auto Scaling

    Achieve phenomenal infrastructure auto scaling

  • Interruption Management

    EC2 Spot interruption management with outstanding unique container draining technology

  • Containers Live Migration

    SOON! Live migration of containers across hosts

Choose Your Container Orchestration Platform

Amazon ECS

Elastigroup for Blue/Green Deployments

Elastigroup has a unique functionality that makes it easier and painless to create a fully controlled code deployment to the application layers.

New Code/AMI
  • Integrates with CI/CD tools to accelerate software release lifecycle
Define Deployment Strategy
  • Deploy one by one
  • Deploy all at once
  • Deploy in chunks
Define Healthcheck Expectations
  • Applications should be healthy under x sec
  • minimum number of nodes to be healthy
Stay Notified
  • Get emails / SNS notifications upon success / failures
  • Zero Downtime Deployments

    Elastigroup peforms rolling updates across your instances and tracks application health according to configurable rules. Deployments can easily be stopped and rolled back if there are errors.

  • Phenomenal Control and Reports

    Easily launch and track the status of your application deployments through the Elastigroup Console or via the API. You can also create push notifications to receive live updates about your deployments.

  • Reduce Release Life Cycles

    Fully automates your code deployments, allowing you to deploy reliably and rapidly.

  • Keep things Simple

    Platform and language agnostic and works with any application. Elastigroup gives you a detailed report allowing you to view when each application revision was deployed and to which instances.

  • API-Driven

    It is easy to integrate application deployments with your existing software delivery toolchain by using the Elastigroup APIs.

Elastigroup for Load Balancers

Elastigroup integrates with the most common load balancers to deliver an elegant and reasonable way to manage spot interruptions. Using Spotinst forecast engine Elastigroup is able to deliver:

  • Zero downtime instance replacement

    To ensure that the load balancer stops sending requests to instances that are marked for termination, Elastigroup will de-register and drain the instances a few minutes before the instance gets a shutdown signal from AWS.

  • Predictable and solid performance

    Elastigroup launches the target capacity in multiple uncorrelated Spot Markets, to ensure a predictable and stable workload.

  • Advanced Health check functionality

    Elastigroup can detect the health of your Servers. When it detects unhealthy Servers, it automatically spins up new Servers and de-register the failed hosts upon success launch of the newly created servers.

Elastigroup for CI/CD

Elastigroup Jenkins plugin makes it possible for Ci/CD pipelines to run on the most economical cloud resources. according to predefined parameters, Elastigroup ensures that no job will be interrupted. learn more.

Elastigroup chooses the right instance for the right job.

Elastigroup for Data Persistence

For a single-instance or any workload that require data persistence, Elastigroup provides continuous and automated Snapshot functionality that captures the instance storage and enables to recover from the latest checkpoint.

Configure your AMI
  • Select your base Amazon Machine Image
Configure Snapshot Interval
  • Continuous upon every change in the file system
  • Hourly
  • Daily
Recover with Confidence
  • Upon Spot replacement, Elastigroup will recover from the latest snapshot automatically.

Common Use Cases

Elasticsearch Clusters
Development / QA / Single instance workloads
Legacy Monolithic Applications

Elastigroup for RDS

When you provision an Amazon RDS instance, Spotinst Radius creates a standby instance and synchronously replicates the primary DB data to a different Availability Zone. In case of an instance failure (AWS hardware or storage failure), Radius performs an automatic fail-over to the standby instance so that you can resume database operations immediately.

Multi-AZ Deployments Using Spot Instances

Run your standby DB Instances on Spot and save up to 90% of your RDS & EC2 costs. Instead of running both your Primary and Standby RDS Instances using On-Demand pricing, Spotinst Radius enables you to run your Slave Instances on Spot by creating a standby instance and synchronously replicates the primary DB data to a different Availability Zone. In case of an instance failure (AWS hardware or storage failure), Radius performs an automatic fail-over to the standby instance so that you can resume database operations immediately.

Read-Replicas Using Spot Instances

Radius for MySQL and Postgres SQL allows to use built-in replication called “Read Replicas” to scale beyond the capacity constraints of a single DB instance. Read-heavy database workloads are perfect fit to achieve enhanced performance using read replicas. It is also a no-brainer to run those Read Replicas servers on EC2 Spot Instances to dramatically reduce costs while increasing performance.

  • Backups

    Unlike single-AZ RDS deployments, where your I/O actually is suspended, Radius takes backup from the standby server.

  • Fail-over Conditions

    Radius detects and automatically recovers from the most common failure scenarios:

    • Loss of heartbeat in primary database

    • Loss of network connectivity

    • Compute failure

    • Storage failure

    • Manual user request for fail-over

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