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Reserved Instance Lifecycle Management

Purchasing Reserved Instances within AWS is a great way to keep your computing costs low. Hourly costs for Reserved Instances are substantially lower than their On-Demand counterparts.

However, managing your Reserved Instances within AWS can be a challenge. It’s very difficult to verify that your Reserved Instance purchases are all aligned with current running instances. It’s equally confusing to know the exact criteria needed to purchase new Reserved Instances to align with your already-running On-Demand instances.

Leveraging RI”s comes with significant administrative overhead. Customers often face many questions like what instance types to purchase? In what term? How to know the reservations are being 100% utilized? What to do if not? Those issues are becoming even bigger when the customer has multiple linked accounts.

Additional complications occur because reserved instances are not assigned to a specific instance. An RI discount could be applied to any instance usage that matches the same attributes as the reservation (e.g. m3.large in us-east-1a running Linux).

Eco Reserved Instance Lifecycle Management

A complete suite of tools that autonomously utilizes all of your Reserved & On-Demand resources. Set your desired preferences, take action when needed and experience the cloud with less administrative overhead.

Eco Plan

Create a tailor-made plan based on your existing RI usage to purchase bulk or single Reservations.

Eco Plan lets you define purchase terms and conditions to ensure you'll get the most cost-effective resources based on your purchasing strategy.

Eco can help you to have multi-blended, highly economical and diversified EC2 environments across hundreds of AWS accounts by automatically matching and modifying real time Amazon usage with your reservation capacity planning.

Eco Plan will ask you three simple questions

1 or 3 years


Standard or Convertible

Upfront Payment

Yes or No

Eco Purchase

Simplify the time-consuming processes in Reserved Instances management.

Based on pre-defined plans you create, Eco operates independently and purchases the desired reservations your workload requires, making sure all your resources are optimized.

Eco Purchase helps you buy and track your RI financial decisions allowing you to benefit from amazing operational agility while reducing EC2 costs.

Eco Analyze

Study your resource utilization over time and make sure each RI is fully utilized.

Eco Analyze gives you the power to track and manage aggregated RI utilization across your entire organization. Easily find account owners, instance types, and unused hours.

Eco Analyze also shows you how much on-demand instance hours were used in your account to help drive the best strategy to use them with RI’s.

Eco Modify

It’s like a personal assistant at your disposal.

Eco Modify's algorithm gathers a pool of actionable modifications that can be made to current reservations easily. All you need to do is approve a task and the change(s) will be made by Eco Modify independently.

Eco Modify can mix, match and apply changes in real time to your existing reservations, your existing convertible RI’s so that your EC2 workloads will be covered by RI’s as much as possible to maximize efficiency.

Eco Sell

The Eco Sell promise - We sell back your unused Reserved Instances in the marketplace within 14 days. Guaranteed.

AWS provides an RI marketplace where customers can buy and sell their reservations to other customers for the duration of their contract. This way, part of the RI cost is recovered.

Let Eco Sell lists your unused reservations and seamlessly automates the process to simplify selling your resources.

Eco does it for you - Eco Sell has an broad overview and broader access to the market so it can list unused reservations and match the relevant buyers quickly.

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