Spotinst Masters

The experts in Cloud Cost Efficiency

Who are Spotinst Masters? 

Spotinst Masters are distinguished members of the Spotinst community that have demonstrated a high level of expertise in lowering cloud costs without sacrificing performance.

Spotinst Masters are awarded the title for various contributions they make to their companies, the Spotinst product, and for their thought leadership in finding clever new ways to lower cloud costs and increase cloud efficiencies.

Amongst the list of Spotinst Masters are some of the world’s best sources for lowering costs in the cloud and driving cloud efficiency. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for advice, speaking opportunities, guest blogs, or with help in organizing community events or classes. They are contributors, creators, speakers, thought leaders, writers, mentors, and super users that help guide both our team/product and the greater cloud community as to how we can become more efficient in the cloud.

What do Spotinst Masters get?

As a thank you for their holy work, we provide our Masters with a ton of exclusive benefits:

  • Ongoing training and private briefings around the Spotinst product and our partner’s solutions
  • Focused support from our Product and Solutions Architect teams in building new features to help them further optimize their cloud costs
  • Guest blogging and speaking opps on the Spotinst blog, at Spotinst events, and at other events across the cloud community 
  • VIP Events – from exclusive dinners to roundtables to VIP access at SpotCon (if you don’t know, now ya know!) to getting flown out for events like AWS re:Invent
  • ALL THE SWAG – We’re particularly fond of our Spotmints and socks
How did we select the Spotinst Masters?

We consider a long list of criteria when making this decision. Ultimately, there are no steadfast rules or one-size-fits-all set of characteristics, but we look for the following traits:

  • Technical expertiseMasters tend to teach us new things whenever we talk to them – be it about how to improve the Spotinst platform or other forms of clever infrastructural techniques.
  • Proven savings – all Masters have saved themselves or their companies a LOT of money. Some did so through Spotinst and clever tooling of the Spotinst platform to find more workloads that can be run on Spot, while others are also experts at things like rightsizing instances efficiently.
  • Influence – Masters hold influential positions at companies leading the DevOps revolutions and tend to be key early adopters that we and others look to for guidance as to what the next big thing will be in the DevOps world.
  • Ability to innovate – Many of our Masters inspired new features, UX changes, integrations, or even new products. They have and continue to find more ways to run their cloud more efficiently.
  • Desire to spread their methods -Spotinst Masters are eager to spread their knowledge. One of our goals in this program (on top of recognizing the best of the best) is to help them spread their methods to the larger DevOps community. 

Please note that we are not accepting submissions to join the Masters program. This is a select group of users that we handpick for their expertise – but if you’d like to get more involved, we’d love to hear from you.