Your compute for 80% less

Robust application scaling service to provision and orchestrate compute in any cloud.
Pay 80% less by leveraging cloud excess capacity, without compromising on availability.

The Serverless Platform
For Containers

The easiest way to run Kubernetes on any Cloud. No VMs to manage, No Cluster to operate.
Save 80% on your compute infrastructure costs using Elastigroup.

Spotinst meets DevOps and Developers across the compute Spectrum

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Serverless Events made simple with Spotinst. Deploy Functions via Spotinst and let us configure the infrastructure.

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Native integration for Kubernetes and Amazon ECS, allowing you to run containers without managing or scaling infrastructure. Run on Spot Instances and save 80% of the compute costs.

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Traditional Instances

Traditional Instances

Elastigroup strips away the risk and complexity of running traditional instances workloads on Spot Instances, letting you pay significantly less on compute, without compromising on availability.

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Choose your cloud

Choose your cloud

Unified application scaling service to manage compute workloads on Spot Instances. Native support for Terraform and other Infrastructure as a Code tooling.

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Spotinst Elastigroup was the nirvana we were looking for in managing our complex EC2 Kubernetes environments

Shane Savoie, Chief Architect Ticketmaster

I would highly recommend this platform to any company who wants to reduce their costs, and who doesn’t want to reduce their costs?

News UK
Nikhil Gupta, Technical Integration Manager News UK

It was really an out-of-the-box solution. All we had to do was turn it on and we were done.

Glenn Poston, Manager of Systems Reliability Engineering and DevOps ClearCare

After rolling it through once on our dev environment, we saw the results and were very excited. Because it was so easy, it was a no-brainer.

Josh Schlanger, VP of DevOps Demandbase

Spotinst has saved tens of thousands of dollars. That’s between 20 and 30 percent of our total monthly AWS bill. Our board is very happy!

Gal Aviv, VP of R&D Fyber

Spotinst has enabled Jobvite to expand its services, enable innovation by engineering and an ecstatic CFO after reduced spend. A true win/win situation!

John Stuart, VP - Devops, Security, and IT Jobvite

Spotinst has achieved impressive growth in a short period of time by meeting a clear need for the right solution. Automating the delivery of highly available cloud workloads allows enterprises to unlock substantial cost savings, without compromising workload delivery

Intel Capital
Wendell Brooks, SVP of Intel Corp and President of Intel Capital. Intel Capital

Spotinst helps Moovit reduce our AWS EC2 spend by over 75% per month. We now run a majority of our production workloads with Spotinst.

Nir Bezalel, VP R&D Moovit

Spotinst is able to provide an incredibly straightforward way to manage the complexities of bidding, provisioning, and managing the replacement of Spot Instances without any downtime.

Pit Rho
Gilman Callsen, Founder & CTO Pit Rho

It's amazing, Spotinst helps us to save around 70% of our AWS environments expenses. It significantly improved our cost for good sold.

Dan Adika, CEO WalkMe

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