Amazon Elastic Container Service

Do More With Amazon ECS, For a Fraction of The Cost

Achieve the most cost-efficient cluster possible by reliably leveraging Spot Instances and Tetris Scaling

Amazon Elastic Container Service

Automatically match your tasks and services with the best possible mix of Reserved, On-Demand and Spot Instances, and scale your cluster’s underlying infrastructure to meet application requirements. The Spotinst DevOps Automation platform simplifies the process of creating and scaling ECS clusters and reduces costs by maximizing instance utilization and leveraging Spot instance.

Cut Costs

Reduce ECS infrastructure costs by up to 80% with Spotinst’s advanced prediction algorithm. Prior to any interruption or down-scaling, instances will be safely drained, while tasks and services will be rescheduled to ensure to maximum availability

Tetris Scaling

Automatically make the most efficient use of your infrastructure with Tetris Scaling. Spotinst will make sure your ECS clusters are running on the most well-optimized instance types for your task and service requirements. Never worry about matching instances to tasks and services again!

Deep Visibility

Gain deeper visibility into the utilization, performance, and cost of your ECS clusters, from an overall cluster view to individual instance and task utilization.

Customer Spotlight


"Nextdoor makes heavy use of Amazon ECS to run all of our customer-facing services. Spotinst's ECS-enabled Elastigroups have enabled us to dramatically improve our cluster scalability and reliability, while also making significant use of EC2 Spot Instances to reduce costs by 60%-70%"
Matt Wise | Sr. Systems Architect

Using multiple instance types and purchasing options, the Spotinst ECS Autoscaler scales according to task and service requirements, instead of the cluster’s resource threshold. The Spotinst ECS Autoscaler achieves over 90% resource utilization while keeping cluster resources as defragmented as possible.