Amazon ECS Management at Scale

Automation and Optimization for ECS

Achieve the most cost-efficient cluster possible by reliably leveraging EC2 Spot Instances and Containers Tetris Scaling

Amazon Elastic Container Service

The Challenge

To maximize the utility of Containers and deploy applications faster, you need to manage your Containers in a cluster that enables you to automatically deploy applications, discover applications errors, control costs, minimize cloud waste and over-provisioning.

In addition, when trying to solve this challenge manually, you need to decrease the risks associated with managing complex Containers workloads and their never-ending optimization needs. Executing these broad set of use cases requires more capabilities than the typical Amazon ECS cluster

The Solution: Automation for provisioning and autoscaling Amazon ECS clusters

Spotinst Elastigroup provides an abstraction of Amazon ECS Cluster Auto Scaling to automatically match your Services and Tasks with the best possible mix of instance types, sizes and purchasing options (Reserved, On-Demand and Spot Instances). Allowing you to deploy application faster to production, control and minimize costs systematically, all while reducing the risk of human errors and discovering errors before they happen.

80% Less using EC2 Spot

Elastigroup reliably leverages the Spot market to optimize and save 80% of your underlying infrastructure for cost, without compromising availability. By using predictive algorithms, Elastigroup is able to predict interruptions and seamlessly launch new servers prior to termination

Hands Free Autoscaling

As you deploy Containers, Elastigroup learns what resources (CPU, Memory, Ports) the Containers need and what are the best instance type and size to accommodate those requirements and uses this information to densely pack tasks, and automatically scale your instances up and down.

90% Resource Utilization

Containers are first-class citizens. Elastigroup studies the actual Containers requirements and matches ECS Tasks and Services with the most efficient and optimized mix of EC2 Instances, making sure the instances are highly utilized.

How it Works?


Container Driven Auto Scaling

Elastigroup is designed to scale the infrastructure up & down based on the ECS Tasks requirements. When a task is launched in ECS, The ECS scheduler tries to find free capacity for the task to run on. In the event where there aren’t enough resources to meet the task’s demands, Elastigroup automatically launches the right instance type, size, and lifecycle, to accommodate the tasks needs.


High Availability for EC2 Spot Instances

Spotinst Elastigroup balances the required performance, cost, and SLA requirements when launching, scaling and terminating EC2 Spot Instances.

Prior to any interruption or down-scaling, instances will be preemptively and safely drained from the cluster, while tasks and services will be rescheduled on different nodes to ensure Services and Tasks availability.