Extraordinary Support

The industry-leading customer satisfaction maintained by Spotinst Support is driven by both professional engineers as well as continuous monitoring and proactive actions at every stage.

Professional Engineers -
be all and end all

Spotinst support teams are comprised of well seasoned experienced Cloud engineers specializing in Containerized environments and Cloud architecture. We live and breath cloud technologies, driven by our customers’ interests and the cloud computing industry.
Ask us anything! We will deliver!

Professional Engineers -<br/>be all and end all

Predictive Support,
Proactive Actions

Spotinst continuously monitors our customers’ workload environment data. With millions of data points each day, leading to 1000s of proactive alerts and notifications sent out daily. Spotinst Support’s Engineers analysis of this data enables our Support team to proactively notify customers before issues affect environments. We stay ahead of the curve with 75% proactive interactions and the remaining 25% are mostly questions and requests for assistance while using our products.

Predictive Support,<br/>Proactive Actions

We focus on the details

Spotinst Support uses dynamic thresholds and machine learning to simmer down data into actions – reducing 1000s of events to single actions. Actions are automatically escalated to our Engineering team for evaluation and assessment, validating the correctness of both diagnosis and suggested solution – thus guaranteeing that our customers have 100% availability of their environments.

We focus on the details

(almost) 100% Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in our customer satisfaction rating, we are constantly aiming for 100% satisfaction of our customers. With 1000s of ratings in our bucket, we know we are on the right course
Check out what our customers have to say:

(almost) 100% Customer Satisfaction

24\7 Support

If you’re awake, we are too! When you require assistance, our team of Engineers will work directly with you via our 24/7 live chat or Email to reach a quick and efficient resolution. Spotinst Support Engineers are available from multiple global locations.

24\7 Support

“There’s a problem in the industry. Many technical vendors fail to listen to customers and have a proper discussion with them. This is not true with Spotinst. We’ve worked with a handful of vendors who have actually listened and truly responded to customer needs. Spotinst is definitely one of those vendors.”

James Marcus
VP Technical Operations at Deloitte Digital

“The incredible level of support was invaluable. Anytime we had a tiny issue or a feature request, the team has been so quick to respond, sometimes implementing a new feature within just a few days.”

Josh Schlanger
Vice President, DevOps and IT at Demandbase

“We received excellent support and response times from the Spotinst Support Team. We were able to rely on them to fix issues for us in a timely manner, no matter the complexity.”

Ram Rengaswamy
Chief Technology Officer, Beeswax