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Spotinst Functions

Multi Cloud Function as a Service at Spot Prices.

Never pay for idle resources. Run code without provisioning or managing servers.
Pay only for the compute time you consume at the most cost-effective price on earth.
Choose your desired cloud platform(s)
Choose prefered geo locations to match compute that is as close as possible to your data
Upload your code

Spotinst will take care of everything required to run and scale your code with high availability, advanced analytics and monitoring.
You can set up any type of trigger, in the cloud or on premise to run a Spotinst Function.
Database event, Filesystem event (s3, or a local FS), Cron job, or just call it directly from any web page or mobile app.
$ cat function.js
 * Implement your function here.
 * The function will get the request and response as parameters.
  exports.helloHttp = function helloHttp (req, res) {
    res.send(`Hello ${ || 'World'}!`);
Create an application
spotinst application create --name "myApp"
Create an environment
spotinst environment create --application-id "app-1234" 
--name "myEnv" --locations "us-east,us-west"
--providers "azure,gcp,aws"
Create a function
spotinst function create --environment-id "env-1234" 
--name "myFunc" --handler "helloHttp" --runtime "nodejs48"
--timeout 30 --memory 128
Spot Per-Execution Pricing Model

With Serverless you are charged per execution and per the time your code runs. Spotinst makes it even more powerful and less expensive, by finding the best available compute possible in the planet based on Spot pricing across all cloud providers.
Saving up to 80% of traditional FaaS offering.

Zero (Worries) Servers to Manage

Spotinst runs your code without requiring you to provision or manage servers.

Infinite Scaling

Spotinst automatically scales the infrastructure needed to run your code in parallel and processes each trigger individually.

Always Pay Spot Prices

A Game Changer
Run your serverless applications at 50-80% less of the standard serverless pricing

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