Spotinst Sorex

A fast, cost-effective Serverless platform that simplifies big data processing.


Spotinst Sorex, is a fast, cost-effective Serverless platform that simplifies big data processing. Able to run on any cloud, anyone can extract, batch, transform, analyze and transport data close to the source with minimal effort.

Unlike conventional big data MapReduce projects that once took time to plan, manage and provision, Spotinst Sorex is based on unlimited small units of Functions that execute simultaneously according to data and compute requirements. The platform uses the unlimited resources of Cloud Computing in order to accelerate, optimize and reduce costs when processing your data.

There is no need to pre-provision servers, build containers or run management nodes. Spotinst Sorex is compatible with popular data formats including csv, json and parquet. The combination of Sorex and Functions combine processing and scale in a fully managed solution that provides instant value to big data processing.

Top Features

Simple & Easy

Define inputs and outputs then let Sorex auto-discover data with pre-configured map and transformation options.

Serverless Experience

No need to manage instances, master nodes or worker groups. Sorex executes functions at scale optimized for processing data at scale.

Pay for what you use!

Usage-based pricing for your resources. Only pay for the amount of data you store and and process

Common Use Cases

One of the most common tasks for big data is to Extract, Transform and Load from one source to another. With Spotinst Data Pipeline and Spotinst functions there is no need to spin up massive compute or EMR clusters for this very common operation.

Give Spotinst Data Pipeline the source and one or more Spotinst Functions to execute for transformation get results fast. Functions fan out instantly as data is extracted from the source and are scaled down instantly when the job ends.

Wondering how to become GDPR compliant? All “Data Owners” need to ensure compliance by scrubbing and/or encrypting sensitive information from their systems. Spotinst Data Pipeline makes this job simple. With a small function that identifies GDPR sensitive information, data can be scrubbed or encrypted instantly and safely re-stored. This solution works for initial and ongoing data compliance. After the first load is complete Spotinst Data Pipeline can be configured to continually scan new data for sensitive information and taking action to keep compliant.

Data amount of data generated has exponentially increased with the dawn of IoT. Spotinst Sorex can scale to meet the dynamic fluctuations often seen with IoT implementations. As data intake increases Spotinst Sorex moves to meet demand. As data contracts, Spotinst Sorex processes only what is necessary to keep transformations moving at the lowest latency possible.

The cloud is a big place and data that moves from one system to another needs compute and compression utilized as close to the source as possible. Sorex detects where data is sourced so that the most efficient transfer path is selected. While data moves, convert between formats, change partitions and turn on compression to save on storage costs. Sorex enables data movement between clouds and technologies without the need to provision compute at the source or destination.

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