Private Spot Market

OpenSPOT protocol enables data centers to fill their spare compute capacity while allowing to reclaim when needed.

Every data center on the planet carries spare capacity for a variety of reasons. Spotinst OpenSPOT protocol can fill this spare capacity while allowing to reclaim it if needed. Helping data centers to increase their overall level of utilization.

Packet’s integration with Spotinst allows Packet to increase our overall utilization level in our data centers world-wide, It is a great example of how workloads are becoming increasingly portable and cloud agnostic

Zachary Smith, CEO Packet

We have made HISTORY

Cloud providers are processing large quantities of spare capacity must either incentivize clients to purchase it or suffer losses. With enough automation, data center providers can increase their overall utilization percentage using the Spotinst OpenSPOT protocol.

We have partnered with Packet to deliver highly resilient software offering, announcing the first marketplace for bare metal compute. openSPOT allows every data center to offer highly affordable compute instance suitable for fault-tolerant workloads. Learn more

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