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The Serverless Kubernetes Engine

Spotinst Ocean lets you reap the benefits of Kubernetes without worrying about infrastructure while gaining deep cluster visibility and dramatically reducing costs.


The key question is how to use containers without the operational overhead of managing the underlying VMs while also take advantage of the cost benefits associated with Spot Instances and multi-cloud.

Spotinst Ocean is built to solve this problem by managing containers in a “Serverless” environment. Ocean provides an abstraction on top of virtual machines allowing to deploy Kubernetes clusters without the need to manage the underlying VMs.
Ocean takes advantage of multiple compute purchasing options like Reserved and Spot instance pricing and failover to On-Demand instances whenever necessary, providing 80% reduction in infrastructure costs.

Spotinst Ocean is a Serverless Compute Engine that abstracts the provisioning(launching), auto-scaling, and management of worker nodes in Kubernetes clusters.

With Spotinst Ocean, you can forget about Auto Scaling, mixing and matching instance types. It automatically ensures your cluster is running on the best possible mix of Spot, RIs, and On-Demand instances – Optimizing your clusters for both cost and performance.

Spotinst Ocean Gets Smarter

As you deploy Pods to Kubernetes, Ocean learns what resources the Containers need and how long they run. Ocean then uses this information to densely pack Pods, to ensure fast and cost-effective sequences. By combining Pods awareness with price prediction, Ocean interacts with the Kubernetes Scheduler to place Pods where they won’t be interrupted.


No Servers, No Clusters, Just Containers.

Pod Driven Auto Scaling

Your VMs size is determined by your Pods & Deployments parameters. Ocean re-schedules Pods to optimize your cluster for performance and costs.  Read More

Heterogeneous Instance Groups

Ocean utilizes multiple Instance Types from different Instance families and sizes to increase the cluster’s performance and efficiency (including GPU & FPGA support).

Cut Costs by up to 90%

Ocean reliably utilizes Spot Instances based on Machine Learning models to predict Spot Instances interruption to maintain high-availability.

Always up

Spotinst Ocean uses Spot Instances to reduce costs, however, when Spot Instances are not available, it automatically falls back to On-Demand Instances. When Ocean uses On-Demand, it will opportunistically revert back to Spot Instances when capacity is available.


No virtual machines to manage, no clusters to operate. Spotinst Ocean frees you from having to pick specific instance types and automatically optimizes cluster utilization. Empower DevOps and developers to build, run, and scale applications with ease, without worrying about infrastructure.

Enhanced monitoring & auto-healing capabilities

Advanced dashboards to track the Kubernetes cluster utilization and efficiency.


No VMs or Clusters to manage

Ocean frees you from having to pick specific instance types, administering servers, and optimizing cluster utilization.

Auto Scaling

Ocean auto scales based on your Containers requirements. It also scales down to zero when resources are not needed.

CPU, GPU & more

Ocean automatically spins up CPU or GPU based on the Containers needs to support General Purpose and AI/ML workloads.


Enhanced Cluster topology view & container level monitoring

Save up to 90% on your compute costs

Spotinst Ocean makes use of proprietary price prediction technology to deploy reliably onto Spot Instances. By predicting price fluctuations Ocean is able to offensively rebalance clusters to prevent interruption. At scale price prediction provides for near on-demand availability.

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