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Multai Load Balancer

Cloud Agnostic, Layer 7 Load Balancer as a Service. Built for Servers, VMs and Containers.
Reduces 50% of data processing costs in the cloud.

MLB is light and simple. We believe that only simple things scale.
Multai Load Balancer (MLB) provides smarter, less expensive, and better traffic allocation across public & private clouds. Spotinst MLB brings together application load balancing, traffic engineering, security and deep analytics capabilities.
HTTP Response Codes
Circuit Breaker
On-the-fly Node Management
SSL Termination
Data Processed Cost

Choose Your Gear

MLB can be deployed on any hardware, from on-premise to AWS and Azure, sensitive data and information is behind your firewall, while it's management is completely SaaS controlled.
No monitoring or maintenance is required.

Scale Infinitely

The Multai Load Balancer automatically scales its request handling capacity in response to incoming application traffic.

MLB Analytics

Drill Down by-the-node

All reports and metrics are reported per individual host which is registered with the MLB.

Application Latency Distribution

In addition to standard performance metrics, we have added a unique view to your application latency so you can early realize whether your app is performing well or not, how many requests are handled in certain latency level.

URI Dynamic Detection

The MLB reports latency and HTTP status codes filtered by specific URI so you can immediately see which endpoint within your web service is experiencing any abnormally.

Geographical Distribution

MLB also captures the origin of each request and visualizes it through a world map just for you to understand your users and app behaviour better.

Register / De-register nodes

MLB makes it very simple to add/remove nodes from getting traffic, as well as placing a node in a “maintenance mode” in the element of version deployment or patching.

MLB Architecutre

  • High Availability

    You can distribute incoming traffic across many servers in a single or multiple Cloud Provider scenario.

  • Health Checks

    The Multai Load Balancer detects the health of your Servers. When MLB detects unhealthy Servers, it no longer routes traffic to those instances and spreads the load across the remaining healthy instances.

  • SSL Termination

    Multai Load Balancers support SSL termination, including offloading SSL decryption from application instances, centralized management of SSL certificates, and encryption to back-end instances with optional public key authentication.

  • Header or URL Based Routing

    Multai Load Balancers can distribute application requests based on URL or HTTP Header rules.

  • Writtern in Go

    Go is the first choice for modern cloud infrastructure projects. Go language enables MLB to be highly concurrent and extremely lightweight.

  • Logging

    Multai Load Balancer can ship your web application Access Logs to a designated Amazon s3 or Google Cloud Storage Bucket location.


Ability to manage ingress and egress traffic.

Spotinst Balancer provides outstanding view and control over your ingress and egress traffic. The ability to view incoming application requests by Country, By Browser, By Device and By user fingerprint. MLB provides the ability to view performance metrics and drill down to the host or container level to identify application anomalies and detect stability problems before they occurred.
  • Real time application latency response time with metrics

  • Ability to identify latency per host, per target group or by cloud provider

  • Application HTTP response code reports per hosts and cloud

  • Real time GEO analysis - Where does the traffic originate

  • Distribution of operating system, user device and browser

  • Tracking user fingerprint (unique users)

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