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Optimize Cost

Reliably leverage Cloud Excess Capacity to optimize cost and save up to 90% on compute infrastructure across all major cloud providers with SLA-backed availability.

Simplify Operations

Scale, manage and accelerate your workloads without the complexity and risk of manually managing your infrastructure.

Save up to 90% on
Infrastructure costs

Reliable use of cloud excess capacity (AKA Spot Instances) to save up to 90% of your infrastructure costs, with enterprise-grade SLA.

Prediction is the Key

Spotinst Elastigroup predicts Spot Instances behavior, capacity trends, pricing, and interruptions rate. Whenever there’s a risk of interruption, Elastigroup acts accordingly to balance capacity up to 15 minutes ahead of time, ensuring application availability.
By predicting interruptions and fluctuations Elastigroup is able to offensively rebalance clusters to prevent interruption.

Application Awareness

Elastigroup matches infrastructure behavior to the type of workload you’re running.

Register and deregister servers from load balancers, use a variety of health checks to determine infrastructure health, or run stateful workloads on excess capacity without worrying about data integrity.

Enterprise-grade SLA

In the event where Spot Instances aren’t available, Elastigroup will automatically fallback to On-Demand Instances and will revert back to Spot Instances whenever possible, all while persisting your storage, network configuration, and state.

Connects with your stack

Elastigroup supports the vast majority of common applications, automatically plugging into the architecture you already use including Infrastructure as Code providers such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet. Keep your existing templates in place, and let Elastigroup determine and enforce the best possible mix of server sizes, types, and lifecycles for your workloads.

Utilize Reserved Instances

Prioritize all underutilized Reservations across your accounts and apply Reservations discount usage prior to launching Spot or On-Demand Instances.

Advanced Pricing
Options Strategies

Elastigroup keeps your cluster running at the best possible performance while choosing the optimal cloud infrastructure pricing option including On-Demand, Spot and Reserved Instances. In the event where your Reservation could be used somewhere else, Elastigroup will replace them automatically.

Visibility & Monitoring

With the Elastigroup dashboard, you gain deeper visibility into the activity of your clusters.
The dashboard includes a live view of infrastructure costs (Potential costs vs. Actual costs), Cluster CPU\Memory utilization, and amount of running instances (RI\OD\Spot). The dashboard can be filtered by 7\30\90 days for a more detailed breakdown of cloud consumption. 

Predictive Autoscaling

Elastigroup Predictive Autoscaling is simplifying the process of defining scaling policies, identifying peak times, and automatically scaling the right capacity in advance. Machine learning algorithms predict the future load of your application and proactively scale the cluster in order to accommodate the peak traffic.


Elastigroup Budgets provide you with real-time visibility and governance over your cloud-compute spendings. With Budgets, you can set budgets per cluster, define alert thresholds and also receive Email\SNS in case of budget deviation.

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