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Save up to 80% on your costs while ensuring SLA and high-availability.

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Elastigroup is a cluster software, designed to optimize performance and costs. It enables companies of all sizes and verticals to reliably leverage Cloud Excess Capacity to optimize and accelerate workloads and save up to 90% on infrastructure compute costs.

Prediction is the Key

Elastigroup makes use of proprietary price prediction technology to deploy reliably onto Spot Instances. By predicting interruptions and fluctuations Elastigroup is able to offensively rebalance clusters to prevent interruption.

Elastigroup reliably leverages excess capacity across all major cloud providers such as EC2 Spot Instances (AWS), Low-priority VMs (Microsoft Azure) and Preemptible VMs (Google Cloud), while removing risk and complexity, providing simple orchestration and management at scale.

How it Works

Spotinst Elastigroup predicts EC2 Spot behavior, capacity trends, pricing, and interruptions rate. Whenever there’s a risk of interruption, Elastigroup acts accordingly to balance capacity up to 15 minutes ahead of time, ensuring 100% availability.

This means that applications will always run on the most cost-efficient collection of instances – the best-priced and most available Spot Instances when available and falling back to on-demand when not, in addition to prioritizing any reserved instances you may already own.

Bring Your Own Software

Elastigroup supports the vast majority of common applications, automatically plugging into the architecture you already use (see use cases below). As long as your instance isn’t a single point of failure, you can utilize Elastigroup to start saving.

Elastigroup is tightly integrated with other AWS services including EMR, Auto Scaling, Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWorks, Elastic Container Service (ECS), EKS, CloudFormation, Data Pipeline and Batch, providing a wide variety of choices.

Application Awareness

Elastigroup matches infrastructure behavior to the type of workload you’re running. Register and deregister servers from load balancers as they scale, use a variety of health checks to determine infrastructure health, or run stateful workloads on excess capacity without worrying about data integrity – Elastigroup optimizes your infrastructure for maximum availability at minimum cost without compromising on application and business constraints.


Smart Provisioning


Elastigroup continuously analyzes your applications and optimizes the underlying infrastructure in real-time. Elastigroup will determine and enforce the best possible mix of server sizes, types, and lifecycles for your workloads. The result is a well-optimized and well-utilized group that dynamically provisions on-demand and excess capacity servers to meet demand and keep costs down.


Top Features

Save up to 90%

Intelligently leverage your cloud providers’ excess capacity to save up to 80% vs. on-demand instances.

Cloud Agnostic

Deploy Elastigroup in your favorite cloud provider

Utilize your RIs

Elastigroup finds all unutilized Reservations and prioritizes Reservations usage prior to launching Spot Instances.

Always On

In the event where EC2 Spot Instances aren’t available, Elastigroup will fallback to On-Demand Instances and will opportunistically revert back to Spot Instances when possible.

Easy to Start

You will be running Spotinst in less than 10 minutes.

Deploy Now

Elastigroup Use Cases

Elastigroup is designed to solve the endless Tetris game of heterogeneous compute environments running containers. Elastigroup integrates with the most powerful container orchestration platforms out there, such as AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS), Kubernetes, Rancher, Docker Swarm, Hashicorp Nomad, Mesosphere and more. Elastigroup finds the optimal distribution and deployment of multiple instance types into a one, single, powerful cluster as part of a container orchestration platform. 

Whether it’s Auto Scaling Groups on AWS, Instance Groups on GCP, or Scale-Sets on Azure, Elastigroup maintains the behavior of your scaling groups while making them much more powerful. With Elastigroup, you’re able to run your applications on the best possible mix of instance types, and leverage excess capacity to drive down costs. 

Elastigroup integrates with popular load balancers such as HA Proxy, NGINX, Multai Load Balancer, and the load balancers provided by the cloud platforms such as Elastic Load Balancer and Application Load Balancer by AWS. By connecting your Elastigroup to a Load Balancer, Elastigroup will automatically register newly created instances and deregister instances that are about to be interrupted. Elastigroup makes sure your instance shave enough time to drain connections so no requests or session will be interrupted, while you enjoy the best possible price. 

Elastigroup provides a quick and painless way to create a fully controlled code deployment pipeline for your applications, including rolling updates (Blue/Green Deployments). Elastigroup performs rolling updates across your instances and tracks application health according to configurable rules. Deployments can easily be stopped and rolled back if there are any errors. 

Elastigroup integrates with Jenkins, GitLab, and Chef and runs your CI/CD pipelines on the most cost-efficient cloud resources. According to predefined parameters, Elastigroup ensures that no job will be interrupted and will scale up and down instances according to your pipeline queue.

Using the Stateful service, Elastigroup can ensure data persistence and cluster H/A while running on Spot Instances. Elastigroup simulates the spot replacement process into a “reboot”, making sure that the new instance will be launched from the same root and data volumes with the same IP address

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