Deep visibility and cost control for Containers and Kubernetes clusters, across your On-Premise Datacenters and AWS Public Cloud.

What Is Spotinst Drift?

Drift is a powerful prediction and dashboarding tool that allows you to gain deep visibility into the cost of running containerized workloads. Drift gives you a clear, accurate, and actionable view of your container spend, on-premise or on AWS. Drift goes beyond visibility with the analysis and prediction of application costs, helping you make the right deployment decisions on-premise or on AWS, at any given time. 


How it works

Spotinst Drift gathers data from all monitored Kubernetes clusters, regardless of where the cluster is deployed. After analysis, Drift provides a consolidated dashboard for clear visibility into all clusters. Utilizing our predictive algorithms and ML models, Drift delivers recommendations on the most cost-effective deployment method for future workloads.  With Spotinst Drift, your organization will gain deeper visibility, and a reliable method for performing showback/chargeback on containerized workloads. 

Key Features

Deploy with zero configuration

Spotisnt Drift can be deployed in seconds to any Kubernetes cluster. Once deployed, Drift provides instant access to real-time dashboards and end-to-end analytics on you containerized application costs.

Smarter Hybrid Decisions

Use data on potential savings, historical costs, and efficient cluster sizing to make smarter decisions about running containerized applications on AWS or on-premise.

Get Ahead of Costs

Drift analyzes cost trends to predict the most cost-effective location for your workloads. Drift's powerful recommendation engine keeps you updated of all relevant considerations.

End-To-End Optimization

Go beyond visibility and recommendations by using Drift with Elastigroup. Create a cost-effective, Hybrid-Cloud container strategy that ensures your infrastructure is always optimized for performance and cost.

Customisable Visibility

Gain greater cost visibility based on what matters to you - namespaces, deployments, or pods. Easily identify the best method of internal chargeback and showback in your organization.


With Drift, you gain the visibility you need to make the right decisions about future deployments. Drift will show you the potential savings of running your containerized workloads on AWS vs. on-premise, and how the ability to leverage tools such as Spot instances will impact your spend.

Decoupling the costs of containers, clusters, and infrastructure is a challenging task, especially on-premise. Drift helps you assign individual costs to your applications, and sort them by namespace, deployment or pod. With Drift, it’s easier than ever to perform Showback and Chargeback on containerized workloads. 

Elastigroup is an intelligent scaling service that ensures your applications are always utilizing the best possible mix of on-demand, spo, and reserved instances, optimized for performance and cost. By using Drift along with Elastigroup, you gain not only deep visibility into your Kubernetes clusters across your Hybrid Cloud, but the ability to proactively scale your applications cost-effectively. 

Drift in Action

Gather Data

Drift's controller gathers data from any Kubernetes cluster, deployed anywhere.

Analyze and Predict

Drift analyzes historical cost trends along with current pricing data, and determines the estimated cost of future deployments.

View and Decide

Drift organizes all data into clear dashboards, where you're able to sort data and track the things that matter to you, and make smarter deployment decisions.

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