Spotinst Declared "Fastest Growing Startup In 2017" by Deloitte


We believe that strong products are being made by great integrations

The Cloud Ecoysystem

The ecosystem around Amazon and cloud is evolving rapidly, and we are proud to be part of this wave of new technologies supporting DevOps, cloud applications and orchestration. The very nature of the industry requires seamless integrations and collaboration between complementary technology providers, and are constantly expanding our collaborations.

MSP Partners

Technology Partners

One the key reasons that Logicworks’ customers move to the cloud is to reduce cost. With Spotinst, we help our customers leverage AWS’ Spot Market to dramatically shorten their return on investment window

Ken Ziegler, CEO Logicworks, a Spotinst Partner Network member and AWS Premier Consulting Partner

At Emind we are focused on creating value for our customers, by using the Spotinst Elastigroup Platform, we managed to help our largest customers dramatically reduce their monthly AWS spend using Spot instances without disrupting the delivery of web based services to end users

Lahav Savir, CTO AllCloud, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner

For the benefit of our joint customers, Packet and Spotinst can sniff out and deliver the best performing computing options for the price. With the addition of Packet’s powerful bare metal servers to Spotinst’s support of other public clouds, we are confident that users will see impressive savings on even their most demanding application environments.

Zachary Smith, CEO Packet

Spotinst’s Elastigroup Platform is literally changing the economics and dynamics of cloud computing. Because of Spotinst, our customers are telling us they are achieving their ROI goals twice as fast. As a result, our customers are accelerating the migration of applications to the cloud and that’s good news for CloudZone

Ran Rothschild, General Manager CloudZone, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner

We are very excited to work with Spotinst to deliver intelligent management and migration of container workloads running on Spot Instances. With this new solution, we have developed a simple, intuitive way for using Spot Instances to run any container workload reliably and for a fraction of the cost of traditional applications.

Shannon Williams, Co-Founder, VP Sales & Marketing Rancher Labs
Ken Ziegler, CEO
Lahav Savir, CTO
Zachary Smith, CEO
Ran Rothschild, General Manager
Shannon Williams, Co-Founder, VP Sales & Marketing

Partner With Us

We are looking to partner with other technology vendors, resellers and Managed Service Providers in the cloud ecosystem, as well as with service partners and integrators in the space.