Optimize your data transfer costs with Elastigroup’s Preferred AZs

We’re excited to announce that you can now minimize your data transfer costs with Preferred AZs by selecting the optimal Spot instances across several Availability Zones based on both Spot pricing and data transfer costs. In the past, if you opted to run your Spot instances in the same AZ to minimize data transfer costs, you’d suffer from availability issues in the case where EC2 Spot was suddenly not available or incur the costs of running On-Demand instances instead.
Now you can run Spot instances in your preferred AZ, and when capacity isn’t available, Elastigroup will seamlessly scale additional Spot instances in your alternative AZs to maximize your availability and savings.

Let’s take a look at an example.
Say you’re running a 2-tier web application (DB and frontend [FE]) and you’re looking to reduce your cloud costs.

Instance Costs:
0.5$ per hour, per FE Instance
Cross AZ data transfer costs would be 0.01$ per GB, when your FE instance that isn’t in the same AZ as the DBs

To save on the data transfer costs you decide to consolidate your FE instances to the same AZ as the DB instances.

As this is less recommended to provision Spot Instances in a single AZ, a shortage in Spot instances might occur in your preferred AZ. To ensure that your application remains available Elastigroup will seamlessly scale new Spot capacity in alternative AZs.

When Spot instances are available again in your preferred AZ, Elastigroup will scale down instances back to your preferred AZ, ensuring that your data transfer costs are always kept to the bare minimum.

Get started with preferred Availability Zones from the Spotinst API here.