Spotinst Declared "Fastest Growing Startup In Israel" by Deloitte

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Our Team

Amiram Shachar

Founder & CEO

Liran Polak

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Aharon Twizer

Co-Founder & CTO

Eran Grabiner

Chief Operation Officer

Lavi Ferdman

VP of Sales

Kevin McGrath

VP of Architecture, Serverless

Karol Ussher

Head of UK

Snir Amsalem

R&D Team Leader

Ohad Muchnik

R&D Team Leader

Nadav Naor

R&D Team Leader

Tal Zur

R&D Team Leader

Stav Maor

Product Manager

Tomer Frieder

Customer Success, Director

Ethan Gadon

Director, Finance

Shiri Ivtsan

Customer Success

Ayelet Tamir

Head of HR

Tamar Teper


Avi Granit


Saket Agarwal

Head of Business Development, India

Ofir Haviv


Guy Klainer


Zachi Nachshon


Rom Hirsh

Customer Success

Roxan Barakat


Roei Mishori


Ori Yemini


Aviv Shukron

Product Manager

Ilan Ofir


Kristen Short

Sales, US

Asya kotler


Pavel Klushin


Melisa Mcber

Office Manager

Anat Kaplinski

Online Marketing

Karan Shetty


Guy Bratman


Omer Miara

Technical Support

Hadar Mutai

Customer Success

Daniel Doppelt


Nir Latin


Alex Freidman


Lital Yemini


Anton Lubenko

Technical Support




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Our Background

More than a decade ago Spotinst’s founders took their first steps as young programmers in MAMRAM, the elite technology Infrastructure unit of the Israel Defense Forces (“IDF”). They served in key positions related to Linux Kernel and RDBMS platforms. They were in charge of the IDF’s “nerve center”, which runs the entire military’s data-centers and virtualization systems.

After their discharge from the IDF, Spotinst’s founders joined leading companies in the computing industry, managing DevOps and Software engineering programs, while building and maintaining large scale cloud architectures.

Simultaneously, the Spotinst team members received computer science degrees from Israel’s top universities, while working under senior technology executives of Israel’s leading high tech companies. This team of computer experts decided to dedicate their final project to the field of data-center efficiencies and Amazon Spot Instances utilization.

As part of their academic research, the Spotinst team members reached out to pioneering professors who already had breakthrough insights to fully leverage the cloud’s high availability and scalability capabilities. Not by chance, they were awarded First Place in their final academic project.

Since then, Spotinst’s team has been busy helping customers save up to 90% on their computing costs – from Web Applications, Containers, scientific computing, rendering, financial simulation, Hadoop, Spark, caching tiers and more.

Our vision is to revolutionize the way DevOps and R&D teams consume cloud computing. It doesn’t matter if your infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or even a VMware on a private cloud. Spotinst provides the optimal framework for compute provisioning and cost-effective utilization.

We believe that the Amazon Spot market represents what we refer to as the “real cloud” – a dynamic environment that supports the balance between required resource availability and its price, considering supply and demand.