The Data Place Leverages Spotinst's GKE Support to Reduce Costs by Over 70%

“The savings that Spotinst helps us to bring are great, the simplicity of the service is even better!” - Gerrit Neven, The Data Place

About The Data Place

The Data Place

The Data Place (https://www.thedata.place) is a UK social enterprise that is focused on helping clients get the best out of open data, by providing low cost infrastructure and expertise to help its clients in the public, private and voluntary sector build sustainable data ecosystems for social purpose. The infrastructure product line is built on the hosting of low-cost open source open data portals and content platforms.


The Data Place Seek Optimization for Google Cloud Workloads

The Data Place development team have always been focused on using the infrastructure best tailored to their individual needs, but also aware that infrastructure optimization is a pivotal part of any business strategy. For their infrastructure, the team decided to use Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on Google Cloud as a simple way of deploying their Kubernetes architecture.

Gerrit Neven, Spotinst’s champion at The Data Place, was pleased with the simplicity of the GKE process, but also sought for a way to best optimize the infrastructure. Aware that a drive towards constant optimization is a best practice for any infrastructure, Gerrit searched for a solution to help increase The Data Place’s GKE cost and instance optimization.

Spotinst provides Instant Cost Optimization through use of Preemptible VMs

When Gerrit first came across Spotinst, the idea of running GKE environments on Preemptible VMs without interruption or management hassle sounded like a sales pitch that was too good to be true. Keen to put the claim to the test, Gerrit signed up for a trial with Spotinst and, after a few short calls with the Spotinst team, was able to integrate The Data Place’s Google account with Spotinst Elastigroup.

With the integration complete, Gerrit moved over his GKE clusters to run on Spotinst Elastigroup, Elastigroup now handling the infrastructure provisioning for the cluster. Elastigroup was then able to automatically provision Preemptible VMs to be used instead of full price instances, helping The Data Place reduce their GKE costs by over 70%.

Elastigroup’s GKE Solution further Optimizes Instance Utilization

Running GKE clusters on Preemptible VMs isn’t the only way in which Spotinst Elastigroup increases optimization. Elastigroup’s Kubernetes Autoscaler also ensures the best possible instance utilization by reading the pending pods and spinning up the best sized instance to match these demands. What this means is that GKE users can ensure their GKE environments can be spinning up the instances which best fit the environment’s individual needs.

“Running GKE environments on Preemptible VMs with Spotinst Elastigroup is a great way to quickly reduce costs. With the Kubernetes Autoscaler, we can ensure continuous optimization for the same environments!” – Gerrit Neven

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