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Senior Technical Business Development Manager - San Francisco

San Francisco · Full-time · Intermediate

About The Position

Spotinst is a unique company -  young, highly technological & fast-growing. 

Our product is pure technology and our clients are technological teams. 

Funded by Intel and using cutting-edge technologies - we are aiming towards building the next big thing in the Cloud Computing market.
We are looking for someone with the passion for understanding infrastructure & application architectures including the integration approaches, great pre-sales experience and customer facing skills!

We are constantly seeking for sharp new talents,  join our journey to success!


  • Responsible for designing, implementing and managing key systems in our infrastructure as well as providing the engineering team with necessary tools and guidance to be productive.
  • Expand our product to new markets - research Cloud consumption of different industry verticals, engage with potential partners and clients and create business. 
  • Production engineering responsibility - central point between software engineers, and production environments.
  • Have the ability to lead client’s integration from the design stage to full implementations.
  • Deep architectural understanding of modern apps such as Serverless, functions as a service and micro services.
  • Vast knowledge with various technologies (containers, BigData, NoSQL) in order to supply solutions for our clients.
        • Full responsibility for the pre-sale/post-sale cycle from the technical point of view.
        • Recommend and drive new projects, improving our infrastructure and tools.
        • Monitoring and tuning the system for the best possible performance.
        • Optimizing infrastructure costs.


  • Technological experience in Cloud industry
  • Excellent communication and customer facing skills 
  • Familiar with AWS (Azure and GCP services advantage) 
  • Experienced with Linux system administrator 
  • Familiarity with new technologies: Serverless, AWS Lambda
  • Familiarity with Infrastructure as a code tool (Such as Terraform, CloudFormation e.g)
  • Experience with application deployment and administration
  • Scripting skills, Bash and Ruby/Python
  • Experience with continuous integration tools, e.g. Jenkins, Gitlab

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