Introducing Global Spot View – A Real-time benchmark of the EC2 Spot Market

Ever wondered how your Spot instance distribution measures against the collective market? Which regions have more interruptions? Which AZs are the most popular? Well, you’ll be happy to learn about the latest addition to the Spotinst platform –  Global Spot View.

The Global Spot View aggerates anonymous data from thousands of Spotinst users and gives you a high-level view of how the market is trending in terms of server distribution, Spot interruptions, the average lifetime of Spot Instances, and Instance Types.

The Global Spot View will give you a better understanding of how Elastigroup determines when to shift your workloads and why.


This shows you how your own instances are distributed across Spot markets.


Interupttion Rates

This shows you the interruptions rates of Spot Instances across all Spot Markets.


Spot Instance Lifetime

This shows you the average lifetime of Spot Instances across the Spotinst customer base over the last 6 months.


Managed Instance Types

This shows you a real-time view of the Instance Types and families that are managed by Spotinst worldwide.


Global Spot View is available now for all Spotinst customers! Select your Elastigroup, and then click “Spot Markets” to access it!