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Your AWS EC2 for 80% Less

Spotinst is an autonomous AWS EC2 management platform that optimizes your compute workloads to always run on the lowest-cost Instances with 100% availability. Leveraging sophisticated predictive algorithms and smart resource allocation, Spotinst is able to migrate your workloads to the best-priced Instances while ensuring your applications never experience 100% availability, data integrity, and performance. By running your workloads on the best mix of On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot Instances, Spotinst ensures you always pay the lowest cost for your AWS EC2

All you need to do is give Spotinst access to manage your AWS EC2 workloads, and you’re done. Spotinst will take care of the rest behind the scenes.

How does Spotinst reduce my costs by 80%?

Spot Instances, spare capacity at AWS, cost up to 90% less than regular On-Demand Instances, but can also be suddenly interrupted when this spare capacity is requested by other customers at full cost. Spotinst leverages its predictive algorithms to migrate your applications to a new Spot Instance before the interruptions occur, ensuring you get the best of both worlds – 80% cost reduction on Spot Instances and 100% availability

How does this $20,000 offer work?

As part of an exclusive offer to select AWS Activate companies, you can start saving with Spotinst for free. Until you save $20,000 on your AWS costs, Spotinst won’t charge you a penny. From there, Spotinst will only charge a % of your savings. Additional benefits for AWS Activate companies include: free enterprise support and a free onboarding session with one of our Solutions Architects. 


Your AWS EC2 For 80% Less

Spotinst autonomously runs your AWS compute workloads on the lowest-cost servers with no downtime.

Your Existing Architecture & Security

With Spotinst, the servers that host your applications live in your own
account, and are fully managed by Spotinst. This means no architectural changes or security risks.

The Only SLA for EC2 Spot

Spotinst is the only provider offering a Service-Level Agreement guaranteeing high-availability on Spot Instances.

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