Continuous Cloud Optimization

Spotinst automates cloud infrastructure to improve performance, reduce complexity and optimize costs.

  • Develop cloud-native applications without thinking about infrastructure, sizing or performance
  • Deploy and manage workloads across multiple clouds with Enterprise uptime SLA
  • Optimize cloud infrastructure costs by up to 90%

Solutions and products to fit your Cloud infrastructure needs

Containers & Serverless

Spotinst Ocean

  • “Serverless Containers” — Deploy Containers at 1/10th of the cost without managing the underlying infrastructure.
  • Continuously learns and scales the right infrastructure resource to the ever-changing micro-services deployments.

Web Workloads

Spotinst Elastigroup

  • Automate the provisioning, software deployment, and auto-scaling of applications and web services.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by up to 90% using predictive approach of managing multiple pricing options, Reserved, On-Demand, Spot Instances with enterprise grade SLA.

Single Virtual Machines

Spotinst Managed Instances

  • A unified experience for provisioning and managing single Virtual Machines on any cloud.
  • Various use cases, such as dev/test environments, workstations, secondary(slave), and shard databases.

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We've saved 65% of our compute cost and simplified our operations by taking a hands-off approach to managing our workloads and infrastructure using Spotinst

Max Blaze | Staff Operations Engineer

Spotinst Ocean was the nirvana we were looking for in managing our complex Cloud & On Premise Kubernetes environments

Shane Savoie | Chief Architect

Spotinst has saved us 70%-80% of our infrastructure costs. We are using Elastigroup in multiple production environments.

Josh Schlanger | VP DevOps and IT

We got a demo of the product at 7pm that night, and we were deployed to production by 9pm

Steve Dorazio | Principle Engineer at RedSpark

What we really like about Spotinst is their predictive auto-scaling. It predicts that a spot instance is going to go down and replaces the instance before that happens.

Vaibhav Puranik | SVP of Engineering

We’ve managed to get the performance we needed with no management or maintenance from our side. All this and we’ve even reduced our costs by 70%!

Anan Kenig | Chief Architect

Student.com is running its production containerized application with Spotinst. Our Production migration to Spotinst took us less than four hours.

Stephen Lowe | CTO

Spotinst isn’t just a vendor to us, they’re a partner we know we can work with.

James Marcus | VP of Technical Operations

Spotinst is a strategic partner with the major cloud providers

Our partnership with cloud infrastructure providers is an essential part of our long-term business.

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