Continuous Cloud Optimization

Spotinst automates cloud infrastructure to improve performance, reduce complexity and optimize costs.

  • Develop cloud-native applications without thinking about infrastructure, sizing or performance
  • Deploy and manage workloads across multiple clouds with Enterprise uptime SLA
  • Optimize cloud infrastructure costs by up to 90%

Solutions and products to fit your Cloud infrastructure needs

Containers & Serverless

Spotinst Ocean

  • “Serverless Containers” — Deploy Containers at 1/10th of the cost without managing the underlying infrastructure.
  • Continuously learns and scales the right infrastructure resource to the ever-changing micro-services deployments.

Web Workloads

Spotinst Elastigroup

  • Automate the provisioning, software deployment, and auto-scaling of applications and web services.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by up to 90% using predictive approach of managing multiple pricing options, Reserved, On-Demand, Spot Instances with enterprise grade SLA.

Single Virtual Machines

Spotinst Managed Instances

  • A unified experience for provisioning and managing single Virtual Machines on any cloud.
  • Various use cases, such as dev/test environments, workstations, secondary(slave), and shard databases.

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We’ve saved 65% of our compute cost and simplified our operations by taking a hands-off approach to managing our workloads and infrastructure using Spotinst.” Max Blaze, Staff Operations Engineer, Duolingo.

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Integrating with Spotinst was easy, so our technical teams continue to work as they are used to, while we now reliably run even Stateful applications on Spot Instances.” Luis Mineiro, Site Reliability Engineer , Zalando.

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Spotinst Ocean was the nirvana we were looking for in managing our complex Cloud & On Premise Kubernetes environments.” Shane Savoie, Chief Architect, Ticketmaster.

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We received excellent support and response times from the Spotinst Support Team. We were able to rely on them to fix issues for us in a timely manner, no matter the complexity.” Ram Rengaswamy, CTO, BeesWax.

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Spotinst was able to run FindHotel’s mission-critical workload entirely on affordable Spot Instances with guaranteed uptime so our end-users could always search for the best hotel deals available.” German Gomez-Herrero, CTO, FindHotel.

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When we want best practices and tips for standing up and managing ECS, Spotinst is our first call.” Steve Evans, VP of Engineering Services, Chegg.

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I can’t count the number of times we’ve had an idea on a feature we’d like to see and then after talking with someone at Spotinst it became a reality.” Rafael Moreira, Infrastructure Architect, DemandBase.

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By using Spotinst MLB we’ve managed to get the performance we needed with no management or maintenance from our side. All this and we’ve even reduced the overall cost!.” Anan Kenig, Chief Architect, Moovit.

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Through a simple integration process, Spotinst has helped us to save money and increase productivity.” Vaibhav Puranik, SVP of Engineering, GumGum.

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