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Automate and optimize your elastic cloud infrastructure. Increase the productivity of your developers and operations and reduce your cloud infrastructure costs by up to 80% with Spotinst.

DevOps Automation O3


Increase your cloud operation's productivity, gain deep visibility and achieve Zero Ops.


Automate application scaling, health checks and determine dynamically the right infrastructure size for your workload.


Reduce costs by 80% using the market-leading platform for excess capacity (“Spot Instances”) management.

Consistent Automation of Multi Cloud Infrastructure

Thousands of DevOps teams use the Spotinst platform to reliably leverage excess capacity, simplify multi-cloud operations and save 80% on their infrastructure compute costs.

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How it Works

Spotinst help businesses to increase DevOps agility by automating multi-cloud infrastructure management, and dramatically reduces costs through intelligent workload allocation and use of excess capacity (aka Spot Instances). Spotinst allows developers to focus on building applications, without worrying about managing, scaling or optimizing infrastructure.

The World's Leading Organizations Trust Spotinst

From massive Fortune 500 corporations to small startups,
companies across the globe use Spotinst to manage their cloud workloads.

Spotinst Elastigroup was the nirvana we were looking for in managing our complex EC2 Kubernetes environments

Shane Savoie | Chief Architect

I would highly recommend this platform to any company who wants to reduce their costs, and who doesn’t want to reduce their costs?

Nikhil Gupta | Technical Integration Manager
News UK

Spotinst’s focus and expertise made it a turn-key solution. Lowering costs and managing infrastructure at scale is one of the biggest hurdles in AWS, for us, Spotinst will always be the solution.

Oz Katz | Sr. Director of R&D, Production Engineering

Spotinst has saved us 70-80% of our EC2 Infrastructure costs. We are using Spotinst Elastigroup in multiple Production environments.

Josh Schlanger | Vice President, DevOps and IT

Certified & Secure

Spotinst is committed to to achieving the strictest certifications of software security compliance, and forging the partnerships that ensure you’re getting the best possible service

Run Kubernetes on Spotinst in 5 minutes!

Getting started guide, importing an existing Kubernetes cluster into Spotinst Ocean.

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