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Spotinst Elastigroup, reliably and efficiently leverages Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for production and mission critical applications.

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Spotinst Eco, Reserved Instance Lifecycle Management service that studies your cloud resource utilization over time and ensures RI 's are fully utilized.

Load Balancing

Spotinst Multai Load Balancer, Cloud agnostic, Layer 7 Load Balancer as a Service Built for Servers, VMs and Containers. Reduces 50% of data pro- cessing costs in the cloud.

Spotinst helps Moovit reduce our AWS EC2 spend by over 75% per month. We now run a majority of our production workloads with Spotinst.

Nir Bezalel, VP R&D Moovit, The world's #1 transit app

Spotinst's intuitive toolset and seamless integration allow Sungard AS to create highly available cloud-native solutions at significant savings when compared to traditional IaaS.
Low cost combined with consolidated reporting, notifications, account and storage management enables Sungard AS to fail fast and continually reduce release cycle times.

Kevin McGrath, Senior CTO Architect Sungard Availability Services, USA

Spotinst is able to provide an incredibly straightforward way to manage the complexities of bidding, provisioning, and managing the replacement of Spot Instances without any downtime.

Gilman Callsen, Founder & CTO Pit Rho, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

It's amazing, Spotinst helps us to save around 70% of our AWS environments expenses. It significantly improved our cost for good sold.

Dan Adika, CEO WalkMe, San Francisco, CA, USA

With SpotInst we were able to expand both test and production environments while significantly lowering the costs and increasing our performance. Works great and an easy to use service!

Roman Noze, DevOps Engineer ClicksMob, Great Neck, NY, USA

Spotinst has reduced the complexity of dealing with AWS Instances. When demand is high for a certain instance type, Spotinst has enabled us seamlessly migrate between compute pools in one Auto Scaling group. Thanks to this improvement, we have been able to maximize our efficiency, increase performance and lower our capital infrastructure costs.

Eran Levi, Senior DevOps Engineer Amobee, Redwood City, CA, USA
Nir Bezalel, VP R&D
Kevin McGrath, Senior CTO Architect
Gilman Callsen, Founder & CTO
Dan Adika, CEO
Roman Noze, DevOps Engineer
Eran Levi, Senior DevOps Engineer

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