Intelligent Workload Management

Save time, money and empower your business to focus on what's next.

  • 10476495 launched instances
  • 177604215 running hours
  • $18574640.1 savings
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  • Spotinst made it super easy to boost our performance and cut down our cloud infrastructure costs. It was like a drop-in replacement for Amazon EC2 AutoScaling. Works flawlessly, easy to configure and customize.
  • Floating EIPs allow me to quickly and easily manage clusters which need to have well-known addresses without any hassle.
  • With Spotinst, we did not have to worry about the Spot bidding strategies, as the Spotinst Optimizer has made the “costs” decisions for us. In case of any market or price change it responded accordingly.
  • It's amazing, Spotinst helps us to save around 70% of our Development and Test environments expenses.


Companies who use Spotinst launch their products faster, deploy 2x more versions to production and increase their performance in 150%.

Going Spotinst

Move workloads and data across any cloud.

A seamless live migration platform of applications between clouds.
Bring your own Cloud, configure your app, and let Spotinst run, and optimize it for you.

ROI Driven Cluster

supports Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform

By leveraging advanced Spot and Preemptible buying algorithms and automatic resource allocation technologies, customers now save 70%-90% of their cloud computing costs.

Cloud Anomaly Detection

digests metrics data to create instance profiling

Classifying servers, and building profiles in real-time for instances. A smart and intuitive UI, to reveal topologies and dependencies, to better understand and find anomaly and strange behaviours.

Price Predection

reverse-engineers application's behaviour

Continuous infrastructure optimization that achieves 50-80% reduction in costs and real-time cost transparency.