Automation and Optimization of Cloud Infrastructure

Spotinst is a platform that optimizes cloud infrastructure through cost aware automation, abstracts complexity and improves multi-cloud visibility

  • Reduce compute infrastructure costs by up to 80%
  • Increase developers and operations productivity by 40%

Spotinst transforms the way you think about cloud infrastructure

We help you take greater advantage of the Cloud by addressing challenges within each of the three fundamental layers of cloud infrastructure

Cloud providers - Pricing model layer

To help you avoid unnecessary operating costs, we determine the optimal pricing option for your compute infrastructure, providing reliable use of Spot Instances, together with flexible use of Reserved Instances, allowing you to only require highest priced On-Demand Instances as a fall-back.

Infrastructure sizing layer

We reduce the complexity of workload optimization by analyzing in real-time what instance size and type are needed based on your workload requirements, irrespective of location. Out of hundreds of possible options, our machine learning software discovers the right Infrastructure resource type and size for your workload.

Application utilization layer

As applications are deployed, we constantly track application/containers metrics to adjust your resource requirement over time. As applications behave differently over time, we continuously monitor and probe these changes to best optimize your elastic cloud infrastructure.

The Elastic Infrastructure Challenge

Enterprises are increasingly shifting workloads from static on-prem to elastic cloud-centric infrastructures, across multiple clouds and multi-services architecture. Consequently, Cloud infrastructure rapidly becomes one of the biggest operating expenses of each organization.

Enable operations, developers, and finance teams to get the most from elastic cloud infrastructure

Finance – Lower Costs

Understand costs structure and track cloud consumption, help guide IT teams on how to make smart decisions when purchasing and utilizing cloud infrastructure.

Developers – Improve Productivity

Focus on building applications, not the infrastructure. Deploy applications without thinking about sizing or performance.

DevOps – Simplify Operations

Embrace the heterogeneity of cloud infrastructure beyond virtual machines, containers and serverless computing against ever-changing micro-services applications on multiple clouds.

Solutions and products to fit your Cloud infrastructure needs

Containers & Serverless

Spotinst Ocean

  • Automate the management of workloads and clusters using “Serverless Containers”
  • Vertical Container Auto Scaling
  • Continuously matches and scales the right infrastructure resource to the ever-changing micro-services deployments

Web Tiers & Clusters

Spotinst Elastigroup

  • Automate provisioning, deployment, and auto-scaling using consistent workflows.
  • Optimize performance and costs by embracing the heterogeneity of multiple instance types, sizes, availability zones, and pricing options (Reserved, On-Demand, Spot Instances)

Single Virtual Machines

Spotinst Managed Instances

  • Easily and seamlessly consume cloud excess capacity (Spot Instances) and save 80% on compute costs with an enterprise-grade SLA, for single VMs machines
  • Achieve a single pane of glass and a single experience for provisioning and management of cloud infrastructure.
  • Various use cases, such as dev/test machines, workstations, and secondary(slave) databases.

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1500+ of the world's most innovative companies trust Spotinst to manage their infrastructure in production

Shane Savoie

Spotinst Ocean was the nirvana we were looking for in managing our complex Cloud & On Premise Kubernetes environments

Shane Savoie | Chief Architect

Josh Schlanger

Spotinst has saved us 70%-80% of our infrastructure costs.
We are using Elastigroup in multiple production environments.

Josh Schlanger | VP DevOps and IT

Max Blaze

We've saved around 65% of our compute cost and simplified operations by taking a hands-off approach to managing our infrastructure using Spotinst

Max Blaze | Staff Operations Engineer

Spotinst is a strategic partner with the major cloud providers

Our partnership with cloud infrastructure providers is an essential part of our long-term business.

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